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Your finances need a change. The time is now that you ACT and do something about it. You do this by making a real effort in to investing in yourself. Don't fall victim to your financial position any further. Make a commitment to yourself and do something about it now.

Below is what's included in this offer:

1 FREE 30-Min Consultation w/ Jason White

Once you enroll, you'll be able to schedule a direct call with me to discuss your finances and a plan of action to realizing your financial desires.

5 Online Financial Coaching Webinars - Live!

Every week, you'll have access to a LIVE webinar with me where the subjects will range from Goal planning to Budgeting, to Bank restructuring and Expense mapping.

1 FREE Financial Plan Analysis

Once you have successfully completed your financial plan, I will personally go over it to make ensure your success.

Lifetime Access to Facebook Private Group

Gain insight to our private world of fellow Dough Chasers who are also working on improving their finances and gaining a financial advantage.

FREE Access to Credit Builder Secrets 6-module eCourse

Learn how to massively influence your credit score growth through our six-step online course that teaches you how to build and improve your credit score up to 200 points taught by me!

Signed Copy of Credit Builder Secrets Book

Get a written of my new book so you can always be able to reference the 6 secrets to improve your credit score up to 200 points!

Get 10% OFF Credit Repair (indefinitely)

Finances getting tight? Enjoy a 10% discount for the next steps to help you.

Unlimited Email Support

Once a client, always a client. Feel free to email us your questions or concerns, please allow up to 2 business days to reply.

Optional Monthly Analysis (at $7.99 monthly)

Here's your opportunity to improve your odds of success. I will personally continue to go over your financial plan to ensure your success monthly.

Additional 30-Minute Consultation w/ Jason White at $47 (savings of $50)

Need more time to talk about your finances? Don't worry, just ask for an additional 30-minute slot and you got for a very small fee.

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jason White and Witness Riches for guiding me toward a better financial future. As a divorced mom of two college students it was a struggle to keep everything going; let alone develop a savings plan! Thanks to Witness Riches I now have a financial plan that works for me & my family and for the first time in a very long while - I have a savings account that is growing regularly! My financial future is bright and I owe it all to Witness Riches."


"As a single mother I have always lived paycheck to paycheck...Witness Riches helped me make that change. I now operate with sound financial choices and clear financial goals. I have been able to support my son while paying down my own debt. Jason has talked me through the process every step of the way and I am grateful for that. Thank you Mr. Jason White."


"I must admit that I was reluctant to talk with Jason at first.  But after giving him a chance, he showed me how my money could work for me,  then I decided to give him and his plan for me a good old college try. Well I have been pleasingly surprised!  I have been surviving my budget with money left over. Witness Riches has definitely been a blessing in my life. I got my shades because my future is looking bright!"


Coaching Officially Begins Monday March 5th!

Here Is What You Get When We Get Started...

Week #1 - How to Create Smart Goals That Actually Come True

You must first decide what you want. Without figuring out what you want, you’d be chasing nothing. We’re going to not only help you create goals, but we’re going to help you create goals that actually come true. It’s a total waste of time to start a new journey just to end up where you initially started. So, we’re going to share with you the SMART way to develop your goals.

Week #2 - How to Spend Without Breaking the Bank

For you to be successful, we must solidify your foundation because it will either help you build the future you want or completely destroy it. How you bank plays a critical role to your success. So, We’re going to share with you how you should bank that would be advantageous for you and not the bank.

Week #3 -Designing a Wealth Producing Machine

Your goals must be aligned with your finances if you’re to see any kind of success. Through creating a budget, we’re going to share with you the real reason it’s needed and how to develop your own so you can begin to see quick progress.

Week #4 -Mapping Expenses to Witness Riches

It’s not only important to figure out where your money is going, it’s also important that you are intentional. We’ll help you develop your personal spending plan. No one is financially successful by accident. We’re going to show you how to purposely set yourself up for success through developing a personal spending plan.

Week #4 (BONUS) -Applying Your Financial Plan

It’s time to put your plan to action. The thing about your budget is it doesn’t give you action steps. We’re going to help you develop those actions steps for each pay period. And doing so is gong to help you see your success on paper.

Take Action Before This Offer Expires

One-time Payment of $197 $147

Or, six installments of $47 paid monthly!

Get Instant Access ▹

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with my financial coaching program, you have 30 days from enrolling to request a full refund at and it will be completed within 7 days.